When I look at the definition of ‘Comfort Food’ it doesn’t quite fit in… 

When I make it and eat it, it fits in perfectly!

Ju’s ‘Conchiglie al tonno’

My tuna pasta is one of the dishes, if not the dish, that makes it for me… Makes me ‘fully’ happy and pleased! 

Back in October 2009 I was changing jobs. Just before starting the new challenge, Oreste and I went for a quick break to Gex (in France, very close to Geneva, Switzerland) – we went to visit Oreste’s twin brother, Gabriele. We had a fantastic few days with him! 

One of the evenings Gabri made us ‘Penne al Salmone’ (Smoked Salmon Pasta). It was really well cooked, really good and amazingly pleasing! So much so that I have been cooking it ever since! 

I make it with smoked salmon, just like I learnt from Gabri, or with canned tuna… Just as good!

So I thank you Gabri, my cognatino, for introducing me to my favourite ‘Comfort Food’ dish!

Happiness on a dish on a Thursday night ☺️