Celebrating 3 years of us officially married

Three years of us officially. Going on 12…of you and me together. Couldn’t be and feel happier. Thanks Oreste! 

And nothing better than being together at our NEST to celebrate our big day! 

Me and you…

Black Truffle and truffle slicer

And nothing better than to celebrate it with the best black truffle risotto made by the M&M’s, by you and me…together!

We simply could not do it…. it’s the perfect season for it!

The best at his best

Ready for the risotto


Together we are and can do GREAT, FANTASTIC things…and most importantly be happy!

The M&M three year marriage anniversary Black Truffle risotto

Thanks amor meu! 

For You Ma Cherie…

…3 ingredients only and I truly hope they make you happy 😃

1. 170g of avocado (in a measuring bowl)

2. Top it up with milk to the 475ml line

3. Add 1 teaspoon of honey

And then just blend until is nice and smooth

Ju’s avocado milkshake

This is it!! This simple milk shake has been part of my life since 2005! I first did it for Oreste to try and match a smoothie he had in Dubai. Apparently I was successful 😁

The recipe above makes a BIG BIG and filling milkshake. I tend to have it after a gym session and/or for brunch with some toasted bread. This keeps me going for hours… 

If you have a very tiny stomach I recommend  you to have half of the above😁😉 

Ma cherie, you know who you are 😘😘😘

Last Week Highlights

Seafood Quiche

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Perhaps the highlight was my seafood quiche! I enjoyed making it and eating it! It is great for dinner parties. I also like to make it for ourselves and freeze some pieces so there’s always home cooked food ready to eat at home. Remember though: never leave food in the freezer for more than 3 to 4 weeks… I don’t anyway!

Baked Salmon, Tuna and Chickpea Salad, Smoked Salmon Wrap

Realistically, every meal is an highlight!

And just looking at the pictures maybe, just maybe, THE highlight was…ROCKET🙂



Grazie mille Gabriele!

When I look at the definition of ‘Comfort Food’ it doesn’t quite fit in… 

When I make it and eat it, it fits in perfectly!

Ju’s ‘Conchiglie al tonno’

My tuna pasta is one of the dishes, if not the dish, that makes it for me… Makes me ‘fully’ happy and pleased! 

Back in October 2009 I was changing jobs. Just before starting the new challenge, Oreste and I went for a quick break to Gex (in France, very close to Geneva, Switzerland) – we went to visit Oreste’s twin brother, Gabriele. We had a fantastic few days with him! 

One of the evenings Gabri made us ‘Penne al Salmone’ (Smoked Salmon Pasta). It was really well cooked, really good and amazingly pleasing! So much so that I have been cooking it ever since! 

I make it with smoked salmon, just like I learnt from Gabri, or with canned tuna… Just as good!

So I thank you Gabri, my cognatino, for introducing me to my favourite ‘Comfort Food’ dish!

Happiness on a dish on a Thursday night ☺️

Nutella Cheesecake

Being married to a Nutella lover made me have a go with this Nigela Lawson recipe!


Not too many, straight forward to find ingredients!

Nutella Cheesecake Ingredients: digestive biscuits, unsalted butter, nutella, cream cheese, roated hazelnuts and icing sugar.

Very quick and straight forward to put together too 😃


Filling mix

Ready to chill

Nigela’s Nutella Cheesecake by me for you 😉

Personally, I could live without ever eating Nutella. Oreste, however, can eat it by the spoon any time of the day. He certainly enjoyed the cheesecake better than me, but we both like it ☺️

Tea break with the M&M’s

A must try to every single Nutella Lover!

It is really really sweet though! Be prepared for a sugar rush!

Next time I’ll probably use Mascarpone and maybe won’t use the icing sugar 🤔

Watch the space.

Amor meu, look… I found you!

My best day of the month?

When I finally can cook for two…for the two of us ❤️

Didn’t quite like that I had to wait for you outside the arrivals area…one can not venture inside Hamad International at the moment unless one is actually travelling 🙈😫

Certainly worth the wait though:

‘Penne al pesto di pistachio ‘with my hubby

Thanks for having breakfast in London and dinner in Doha…with me!

Amor Meu, look what I found!

It’s been 2y8m I have moved to Doha!

Finally, yesterday, I randomly find Multigrain tortilla wraps!

Multigrain Tortilla Wraps

Believe me, I really looked for them.., but no luck… 

Maybe didn’t look well enough (?!) Who knows! 

Regardless, yesterday they made my day… I found them, unexpectedly, in Carrefour.

Result: today I was able to make my favourite wrap

Smoked Salmon Wrap

Not that I haven’t eaten it for almost 3 years… I have adapted it into a sandwich… But never quite the same!

Today, I was able to wrap it up again 😃It’s the little things that make me happy and feel at home! 

Oreste, can’t wait to make it for you! 😂😂😂😂😂

#SelfieSunday #TransformationTuesday #ThrowbackThursday

Last Sunday I found myself thinking how much I love eggs! Lately I always tend to have them boiled!!!

Why?? …

… I thought?!?

Well… a good egg pan was missing!!! Off course I went and got it…that same day I cooked the most perfect omelette!

#SelfieSunday Omelette

#SelfieSunday Omelette

Moving on…

FACT 1: Yes, I love to try different recipes but ever so often I find myself going through the same recipe repertoire over and over again. This is particularly more noticeable during the week when I try to fit in everything: work, working out, house chores, etc, etc….and I don’t even have children yet!!!

FACT 2: Yes, I am quite energetic and tend to do a variety of activities every day but I am no Wonder Woman! Truth is, I tend to stick with healthy, faster, easy to make recipes.

FACT 3:  Yes, I have seen a salad recipe with only a few ingredients and thought:

Have to try this one!

#TransformationTuesday Chickpea and Prawn Salad

#TransformationTuesday Chickpea and Prawn Salad

My #TransformationTuesday Chickpea and Prawn salad was absolutely divine! With only a few ingredients – prawns, lettuce, chickpeas, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil – I managed to innovate my easy to make healthy recipe portfolio…on a week day.

Then comes #ThowbackThursday! Nothing like a good, old spaghetti dish as a reward for a busy and productive week and GREAT workout at my gym!


#ThrowbackThursday Carbonara

#ThrowbackThursday Carbonara

Cheers to a week of good food and let’s see what


will bring to our plates! Stay tuned!

P.S.: Remember: if you see something you’d like to try and make it yourself drop me a message and I’ll post the recipe for you😉

Food for Happiness 

Instead of crying my eyes out because my ‘volpino’ is back in the UK, I decided to have some “me” time in the kitchen and try something new! This is how it was

Pasta Al Pesto di Broccoli


I have seen the recipe in the Giallo Zafferano website http://www.giallozafferano.it/ and thought it sounded really ‘yummy’…

and fortunately my thoughts were proven right!!

My evening started with the perfect aperitif:

Aperitif for one

I then moved on to the preparation of the pasta:

The Ingredients

Preparing the broccoli pesto

The preparation was neither time consuming not tedious…and the final product was delicious…

Pasta al Pesto di Broccoli

…and delicious food makes me happy 😊

Food for Happiness

You should try it sometime😉