We absolutely love Xmas ❤🎉

Even if we are a tiny family of two, the most important thing, always, is being together!

This last year we celebrated the season at our Doha home.

The M&T Xmas Tree

The Xmas table and traditional Ju’s Tiramisu

I had saved some salted cod from Portugal so we could have a traditional Xmas eve, Portuguese style 🎉

All set for ‘Bacalhau á Brás’

I am so excited I just can’t hide it!!!

My everything and best Xmas present ❤🎉🍾

And for Xmas day, the M&M traditional roast chicken 😃

Preparation started two days earlier!

The chicken marinade

Ready to roast


Voila!! The M&M Xmas roast chicken!

We have also kept it fairly healthy!

Xmas eve workout

Xmas day hubby and wifey SUP session

Most importantly, like I said, we were together…

…because we are always better together