Last Sunday I found myself thinking how much I love eggs! Lately I always tend to have them boiled!!!

Why?? …

… I thought?!?

Well… a good egg pan was missing!!! Off course I went and got it…that same day I cooked the most perfect omelette!

#SelfieSunday Omelette

#SelfieSunday Omelette

Moving on…

FACT 1: Yes, I love to try different recipes but ever so often I find myself going through the same recipe repertoire over and over again. This is particularly more noticeable during the week when I try to fit in everything: work, working out, house chores, etc, etc….and I don’t even have children yet!!!

FACT 2: Yes, I am quite energetic and tend to do a variety of activities every day but I am no Wonder Woman! Truth is, I tend to stick with healthy, faster, easy to make recipes.

FACT 3:  Yes, I have seen a salad recipe with only a few ingredients and thought:

Have to try this one!

#TransformationTuesday Chickpea and Prawn Salad

#TransformationTuesday Chickpea and Prawn Salad

My #TransformationTuesday Chickpea and Prawn salad was absolutely divine! With only a few ingredients – prawns, lettuce, chickpeas, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil – I managed to innovate my easy to make healthy recipe portfolio…on a week day.

Then comes #ThowbackThursday! Nothing like a good, old spaghetti dish as a reward for a busy and productive week and GREAT workout at my gym!


#ThrowbackThursday Carbonara

#ThrowbackThursday Carbonara

Cheers to a week of good food and let’s see what


will bring to our plates! Stay tuned!

P.S.: Remember: if you see something you’d like to try and make it yourself drop me a message and I’ll post the recipe for you 😉