I really wanted to cook last weekend!

I wanted to celebrate with Oreste the start of my new job

I also wanted to try different recipes…


I came across with “The Not so Good”:

Pan-fried scallops with parsnip purée & pancetta crumbs

Pan-fried scallops with parsnip purée & pancetta crumbs

I’ve seen this recipe on the Good Food magazine a while ago and really wanted to give it a go. It fitted perfectly in last weekend plans so ‘I went for it’ for our Saturday dinner. Although it sounds and looks delicious…wasn’t so much! Basically was a bit of a disappointment. When I say this it means I won’t be doing this recipe again! Don’t get me wrong, was edible and with plenty of flavour…but we really didn’t feel the ingredients were a good combination. We also felt really full and unpleased!

I was so incredibly sad 😦

I had to make up for “The Not so Good” so the disappointment would go away and the celebration would be a PROPER celebration!

I did!!!

Let me introduce you to “The Very Good”:

"Spiedini di Pollo" aka Chicken Kebabs

“Spiedini di Pollo” aka Chicken Kebabs

MUCH more like it!! I was a very happy Joana on Sunday’s dinner 🙂

Very very good recipe! I came across it on the Giallo Zafferano website and can just recommend it! Simply delicious! It is what you see: pieces of chicken breast wrapped in smoked pancetta and rosemary with courgette and mushrooms. I could go on and on and on… but just let me tell you we were extremely happy AND pleased with these ‘spiedini’ AND I most certainly will be doing this again AND do look forward to cook it for friends!


I’m happy I can share with you “The not so good”

Extremely happy I can share with you “The Very Good”

And even happier I have no “Bad and Ugly” to show you 😉