Back in 2010 I decided to post pictures of dishes I cooked and wine we drunk over meals on Facebook. The album is named

things I have fun with and like to eat and like to drink

I always had and have very good feedback.  But one of these days at the gym of the building we live Gulsena…made my day :). She tells me she’d seen my Facebook pictures and

they are mouthwatering and look delicious and I would love to try them!

I was over the moon!!! It didn’t take long to set up a date so Gulsena and Agnis, her husband, would join us for dinner!

I went for a menu that didn’t require last minute cooking so we could spend most of our time with our guests.

To start with and inspired in a starter we had in a Restaurant in summer 2010 in Rome I brought out 1 ingredient from the fridge and 3 from the cupboard:  ricotta, oatmeal biscuits, fig relish and honey. These 4 ingredients make up an excellent appetiser by spreading the fig relish on top of the oatmeal biscuit and then the ricotta cheese followed by a tiny bit of honey. I ♥ eating this, specially during the winter…the fig relish has a hint of cinnamon giving it a certain warmth… Trust me (!), the combination of these fours ingredients is PERFECT! I do actually need to find a name for it!!!!! Anyone wants to help???

For main course I served  a Ricotta Meatloaf prepared and cooked before Gulsena and Agnis arrived.

Ricotta Meatloaf

This recipe is great because not only is very good and tasty but also healthy and can be cooked a while before eating or the previous night. Additionally can be served both ways: warm or cold!

We opened a bottle of french red wine given to Oreste by Gulsena some days before our meal. The wine paired the food very well: smooth with some fruity notes that blended with the ricotta meatloaf flavours without obscuring them.

Mas Olivier - Faugères 2007

The highlight of our evening was the dessert: TIRAMISÙ

Joana's Tiramisù

My Tiramisù is indeed very good

and Gulsena loved it soooooo much that we got together some days after to make one together so she could learn it my way! Needless to say I was extremely proud 🙂

Our Friday night chez M&M’s was memorable and the first of many to come!!!

Thank you Gulsena! Thank you Agnis!